Butterfly Lover / 蝶恋


This is the ninth year of Yungho (AD 353). There is a young girl Ying (aged 16) enjoys the seclusion with her family in the mountain. The life is peaceful and simple until a young man named Bo (aged around 20), who is a medical student coming from a big city, steps into her life. Also, Bo cannot imagine that this trip will change his whole life.

Artist Statement

Chinese characterized art is becoming popular in the worldwide stage. Calligraphy and Chinese painting dominate the Fine art. Following the contemporary art trend, majority audience will favor this artwork. Additionally, linking dance and calligraphy together is an innovative and bold experiment. Though I am not the first one find the relationship within them, the performance will attract and stun audience with its beautiful melody and harmonious integration.

Exhibited in 'Narrative Pictogram Exhibition' 2014